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2in1 Coaching, business coaching in english for middle and top managers

Today, in the world of business, it is crucial for the leaders to have competitive English knowledge. Many of them use English daily, at full professional proficiency level. However, a lot of Hungarian leaders don’t speak at such high level than they would be expected to. Few leaders speak sophisticated, accurate English although it could mean a great advantage for the leaders in the market.

I recommend 2in1Coaching for such leaders who are brave enough to speak about themselves and their actual problems/dilemmas in English; and for those who believe that they can get rid of their bad grammatical habits, you can gain confidence from your developing fluency, and you can get inspired by other people’s speeches. I would like to meet and support such leaders who are busy enough to have English lessons and coaching sessions seperately.

The advantage of coaching in a foreign language is that thinking in a second language is developing faster if you speak about yourself in that certain language. You gain self- confidence and it also makes you competitive by acquiring the mutual corporate terminology in an active way.

    The coaching process is absolutely personalised focusing on the following aspects:
  • getting inspired by watching English videos and having a discussion about them
  • preparing for important presentations, business negotiations, lectures, conferences, interviews and events from the aspects of self-confidence, language, and topic
  • developing self confidence with the help of coaching in English.
  • up-to-date management knowledge and international trends (TED videos and Coursera courses)
  • handling actual dilemmas and finding own solutions.

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