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Barbara Bite, Personalized developer of the young leaders and managers
„Rita is a great language coach! She was a helpful and professional coach in improvement of my English. I am thankful for that to Rita and I can just recommend her to everybody, who wants to have leadership or career coaching in English. 2in1 is worth trying!”
Anna Halász, Senior Logistics Consultant
„Rita was always handling my actual needs in a flexible way. I liked her keeping the frame and timing in her hands. It was showing strength to me. She was turning to me with humility, respect and acceptance; she was actively listening to me, which rose me. She was led by helping me honestly and not presenting herself. It was very important for me! Kindness, strength, respect, faith and ATTENTION – these are the most significant things I received from Her.”
Balázs Gál, Managing Director, Extor Ltd
„Rita is an open, creative and very dinamic person. Her professional preparedness is high level. She was leading my preparation in a determined way with a lot of patience. During the pleasant sessions she was always able to keep my interest and easily helped me get through the downturns.”
Bálint Borsos, Key Account Manager, Propack Ltd.
„What comes into my mind about Rita in 5 words? Inspiration, motivation, network, honesty, and openness. I'm recommending her to everyone who desires new perspectives in thinking, everyone, who needs an inspiring conversation and everyone who wants to see themselves and the world positively.”
Brigitta Kendesi, Customer Service, Omya Hungary Ltd
„Rita contributed to the achievements of our team with her excellent work. I have known her to be a very honest person since we started the sessions. She makes a difference by understanding and handling the evolving situations in a flexible way. She is able to accept constructive criticism and continually works high level. Sometimes it is enough that she is listening to me, but I often got very good advice from her. She has an intuition for it! This is a positive experience to work with her: she’s reliable and intelligent with a great sense of humour.”
Katalin Tornyai, Vice President, Deutschebank
„Rita was suiting to my actual needs maximally. It is also true about handling the problems of that certain day. She was able to help me both short term and long term. She is supportive and helpful.”
Réka Lázári-Nagy, Customer Service, Omya Hungary Ltd
„Rita is a very much helpful and optimistic person. During our sessions she never told me what to do, but she was leading me with her questions and remarks what I should be thinking about, and how I should change the „non-working” parts of my life. Rita’s constructive feedbacks helped my self-confidence. By doing and analysing the different tasks during the sessions I can already see myfelf and the world in a more positive way:) The atmosphere of our conversations has a wide range: her honesty, humour and trusful personality impacted me in different ways: from crying to laughing.”
Tímea Nagy, NetAid Ltd
„With the help of Rita I had an insight of such things and defects that could provide a clear understanding of the situation I was in. Every session made me richer of more consciousness about myself which was not always easy or pleasant. However, facing my limits and difficulties definitely helped me come out of the stuck condition I was in. Rita was able to show me these in a very delicate way: instead of making me feel painful or unsuitable, she motivated me for change. The sessions always filled me up with new strength and enthusiasm, as she was always PRESENT with her whole heart and soul. I liked the way she was flexibly changing the methods according to the process going on inside me or what I needed that moment. We always had the frame and the target we were proceeding to.”
Zita Falus, Sales Manager, Omya Hungary Ltd
„For Rita, the ’perpetual motion’ coach, whose professional and human support helped me step onto the path leading to my dreams. Her personality is very friendly, encouraging and highly motivating. Her enthusiasm always shaked me. During the sessions you forget about your fears and only focus on your targets. She always reaches that you start believing in yourself and the success of the tasks ahead of you. She is clear-sighted and quickly estimates the needs of the team or the individual. I recommend her with brave heart to all of those coachees who have plans, who want to change, who have a block, or those who need encouragement.”
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