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About me

Rita Gallen - Business Coach and English Teacher

For my two decades of teaching English I was getting to realize that I was much more interested in my students’ personal life, professional development, workplace conflicts, and the opportunities to solve them and move on. During the business English lessons we were talking about solutions for conflicts, handling stress, and building their career. It not only improved their language skills, but also helped them with their everyday challenges at their workplace. This way I realized that I would like to support those who turn to me, as a coach. People working in business need someone they can talk to about their blocks, and obstacles, someone who is motivating and developing them, helping them find their own solutions and can see their greatness.

In coaching, for me the most important thing is to pass over my belief in personal and professional development to my clients. I would like them to find their mission,and their passion so that they could live a happy and entire life becoming a useful member of society.

Being a mother of three children I also have to coach myself all the time to be able to adjust to the challenges of the different ages. My children are my greatest teachers: they mirror my behaviour, my interests, and my fears. Change is not easy for a parent with coaching attitude but crucial for harmonious family life.

I took a Business Coach degree at Business Coach Ltd in 2011. I am a first generation SPARKLE coach.

In 2012 I participated in a ’pro bono’ outplacement coaching process organized for ex- MALEV employees by ICF Hungarian chapter.

I am the co- translator of ’Toolful coach’ by Laura Komocsin.

I took my English Master degree at Janus Pannonius University of Pecs in 1996 and then I did my post- graduation at International Communication Faculty of Budapest Business School and I became a Foreign Trade economist in 2002.

Several communication and time-management trainings have also helped me improve my professional knowledge.

My studies at the Humanistic Astrological School have contributed to my holistic view of life. My knowledge about the different characters are also helping me understand my clients’ problems deeper.

A I am a co-founder of Professional Coaching Association.

For me, coaching is: love, presence, attention, active listening, flow and a connection of souls.

And the greatest joy is when I see your liquid eyes, our mutual recognitions, and when I see you set off on the path marked out by You. And I’ll be holding your hand as long as you release mine.

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